3 Tips To Stop Chihuahua Barking Fast

Published: 27th April 2012
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Chihuahuas, like many small dogs, love to bark. To stop chihuahua barking, you need correct information and proper techniques.

A chihuahua barking excessively is hard on the ears. You can stop chihuahua barking by religiously implementing these tips. Your goal will not be to eliminate barking altogether - just diminish the barking.

Why Is Your Chihuahua Barking

Before you embark on stoping chihuahua barking, you must understand that the chihuahua is a dominant dog. Most small dogs have a Napoleon complex.

Why is it that these tiny dogs act so authoritative Because little dogs are so lovable, it's natural that owners pick them up off the floor as soon as they start barking.

If you pick up your Chihuahua when he barks, you will only serve to strengthen this unwanted behavior.

What is Separation Anxiety

Many Chihuahua owners pack they tiny dogs and tote them around. As a result, your chihuahua will always expect you to take him or her with you whenever you go out.

Of course, this is not always possible. As a result of not being able to be with you all the time, your dog may develop separation anxiety. Separation anxiety will cause excessive barking.

A feeling of isolation and the desire for attention is a major factor in excessive barking. Lack of physical and mental stimulation can also lead to incessant barking.

Basic Solutions

The first thing to do to stop Chihuahua barking is to cease yelling at your chihuahua when he barks, as that will give the dog the attention he/she is seeking.

Do not try to stop chihuahua barking by offering the dog a treat or a toy as that will again encourage the bad behavior.

Regular Exercise

One good way to stop chihuahua barking is to exercise your chihuahua regularly. Take him to a dog run. Dog runs are fun.

Dog runs are also a good way to socialize your chihuahua which will alleviate separation anxiety.

After you exercise your dog, teach him a few tricks and commands so that he won't feel bored.

Barking at Visitors

If the chihuahua barks whenever a visitor comes in, try teaching him a "sit" and "quiet" command to gain his focus.

Desensitize your dog to visitors by rewarding him with a treat whenever he is able to calm down and stop barking.

This way, the chihuahua will associate the visitor with delicious food and begin to welcome their presence.

Barking for Attention

A lot of chihuahuas bark to gain attention from their owners. If the owner tries to appease the dog by offering him toys and food, the barking problem will persist.

The best way to solve this problem is by ignoring your chihuahua when he barks. The dog will get frustrated and tired after barking for a long while.

When the chihuahua calms down, you can show your affection and reward the dog. Every dog is different and responds best to certain kinds of rewards.

Some love treats more than they love rubs. You should mix up the rewards so that your dog doesn't get fat from getting too many treats.

Be patient and do not give in to your chihuahua's relentless barking at the initial stage.

Barking at Passersby

Your chihuahua may get irritated whenever the postman or the deliveryman arrives and start barking non-stop.

Practice the "quiet" command and whenever the passerby appears at your door step, try to gain your dog's focus by saying the command and rewarding his calm behavior with a vigorous rub and say, "Good boy!"

Dogs love being rubbed and told how good they are. Remember, if you want to stop Chihuahua barking for good, consistency is key.

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